Chi Siamo (Eng)

Nutrheff counts the participation of about 116 working groups from 44 CNR Institutes located throughout the national territory, and is organized in 5 thematic areas: Nutraceuticals; Functional foods; In vitro and in vivo biological evaluation and in silico analysis of functional and nutraceutical foods; Quality, packaging and security; Legislative aspects, dissemination, technology transfer.

The network aims to:

  • ensure visibility of the participating researchers, thus providing an effective picture of the coordinated and integrated research activities;
  • create and maintain virtual communities of researching groups for new collaborative paths;
  • share information and materials to spread knowledge;
  • improve technology transfer;
  • propose initiatives and publications to support the economic and agro-food sectors, with the aim to improve nutrition at a global level;
  • establish working groups on specific thematic areas, in particular for technical support of agro-food and health policies;
  • facilitate the interaction between research and enterprises;
  • propose and support the participation in national, international and European (Horizon 2020) projects;
  • provide scientific and technical advice at governmental level (MIPAAF – MDS – MIUR – EFSA);
  • organize a communication project for a wide audience, based on rigorous science;
  • help identification of elements useful for traceability, certification and labelling of functional foods;