In recent years, the scenario of products for human health has undergone modifications as reaction to the demand and continuous evolution of the market, aimed at improving the quality of life and the health of the consumer. Although the European Commission did not yet define the term "nutraceutical" with certainty, the substances to be included into this category might play complementary effects to prevent or at least reduce the risk of certain diseases, particularly degenerative diseases involving a particular structure or function of the organism.
The "nutraceuticals" area brings together 29 research groups working on a wide spectrum on the following topics:
1) Isolation, identification, analysis and characterization of molecules provided of beneficial properties for human health
2) Analysis and characterization of plant species and microalgae, for the identification of those richest in nutraceuticals
3) Development and use of innovative analytical methods, also non-destructive, for the study of nutraceuticals and for their identification from agro-food products and officinal plants, and for the study and monitoring of specific quality and traceability biomarkers, as well as for the study and identification of molecules providing healthy effect .
4) Recovery of molecules with high benefit for humans and animals, from fruit, vegetables and agro-food waste
5) Synthesis and production of nutraceuticals through genetic, biotechnological, and in vitro culture techniques.
6) Reinforcement and enrichment of plant species with nutraceuticals or microelements, through biotechnological and agronomic approaches.
7) Study of the metabolic pathways, within plant products, leading to the expression of genes involved in the biosynthetic pathways of bioethical compounds

Referente Area Nutraceutici
Dr. ssa Filomena nazzaro