Communication and technology transfer

Nutrheff network aims to coordinate a communication project based on the scientific strictness of the activities and studies of the CNR network. Our ambition is to spread to a wider target audience the scientific knowledges about functional and nutraceutical foods, their possible effects on human health, mechanisms of action, short and long term benefits, indications, contraindications and interferences.
The research working groups participating in the network have a wide range of expertise, useful to actively involve enterprises with the aim to create new collaborations for a more effective impact of research on society.
Nutrheff, thanks to the contribution of the UVR-CNR, has the ambition to support technological transfer processes and to identify technologies for commercial interest, promoting strategies for their exploitation.
These dissemination actions are nowadays even more necessary and are well inserted in a global context where the marketing of functional foods has been increasing exponentially in just over twenty years, first in Japan, and then in most of the developed and developing countries.

Dr. ssa Federica Tenaglia
Area Comunicazione e Trasferimento Tecnologico