Biological Validation of functional food (FF) and Nutraceuticals

The demonstration of the effectiveness of the biological components of functional foods is critical to enable the acceptance by the consumer and for the law relating to functional foods. Specifically, building a strong scientific basis for functional food claims relies on the ability to demonstrate the efficacy of the food's bioactive component(s) in a science-based process, according with the following criteria:
1) Biological activity: identification of a plausible mechanism to explain the effects of the bio-active components
2) Specificity of the association: demonstration of a predictable relationship between the bioactive component and the proposed effect
3) Bioavailability: understand how the body is able to absorb and use for its physiological functions molecules present in food
4) Temporal relationship of the observed effect with the bioactive component
5) Strength of association: how statistically significant are the data that support the relationship
Nutrheff network encompasses different CNR labs that can address these issues by adopting both in vitro and in vivo models or performing in silico analysis, considering specific features related to physiology:
1) Anti-oxidants
2) Immune-modulatory
3) Anti-tumor
4) Lipid-lowering

Dr. Vincenzo Longo / Dr. Mauro Rossi
Referenti Area Valutazione
vincenzo.longo / mauro.rossi