Quality, packaging and food safety

Functional foods should guarantee an adequate and consistent high quality levels. NutrHEFF research groups offer expertise in defining food safety adequacy, nutraceutical properties, basic sensory and hedonistic features to support a satisfactory consumption. Research groups involved in these topic are 26, interacting among them, with other research institution and with agri food enterprises, to provide comprehensive quality assessments; from row matter evaluation though product development and shelf life monitoring.

1) Creation of new functional foods: fortified food, products with increased nutritional value, food created specifically for target consumers (infants, older people, people with specific intolerances or pathologies).

2) Development of original methodologies (sensors, analytic technologies) for the characterization of nutritional properties, for monitoring food safety and quality alongside food shelf life.

3) Valorization of functional properties of traditional regional Italian products, pursued though the knowledge of biodiversity and related genetic issues. Expertise in plant metabolism, extraction and analytical techniques.

4) Optimization of post-harvest and post-processing handling, packaging, storage, to preserve chemical-physical, nutraceutical and organoleptic properties.

5) Research on functional and innovative packaging materials, and emerging food storage technologies.

6) Traceability, sensory evaluation, consumer science: consumer preferences, guarantee of origin, authenticity, genuineness, wholesomeness. Planning of functional novel food creation on the bases of product intrinsic properties and consumer expectations.

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