Nutritional quality of legumes and cereals seeds

Referente Francesca Sparvoli
IBBA, Milano
Tel. +39 0223699435
CompetenzeIsolation and characterization of common bean and pearl millet lines with reduced level of phytic acid (strong chelator of cations); development of legume lines with different sets of bioactive storage proteins (lectin components, phaseolin). Biochemical, genetic and molecular biology competences to study the different aspects of developed materials.
Phytic acid and bioactive proteins (lectins, protease inhibitors and α-amylase inhibitors)
BeneficiPhytic acid reduces iron bioavailability, but has antioxidant, anticarcinogenic/antineoplastic properties; bioactive proteins have anti-cancerogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity properties.
ApplicazioniDevelopment of biofortified foods with increased iron bioavailability (biscuits, pasta prepared with low phytic acid common bean flour), development of starch blockers.
Ricerca Alimenti FunzionaliLinee di ricerca diretta su alimenti funzionali
Sensorial and biochemical evaluation of biscuits prepared with different common bean flours (different content of phytic acid and of bioactive proteins).
Ricerca Applicata su Alimenti Funzionali e NutraceuticiFunctional and physiological studies of a common bean lpa (low phytic acid) mutant, showing 90% reduction in the seed content of phytic acid and increased iron bioavailability.

Breeding to develop common bean lpa varieties (agreement with Blumen srl).

Study of the regulation of the synthesis and transport of phytic acid during common bean seed development.

Characterization of pearl millet inbred lines for the content of phytic acid, essential minerals (Fe and Zn), storage proteins.
PubblicazioniSparvoli F., Bollini R. and Cominelli E. (in press). Nutritional value. In Grain legumes. Springer - Handbook of plant breeding series. Editors: Antonio M. De Ron and Marta Santalla.
Sparvoli F, Cominelli E (2014) "Phytate Transport by MRPs" M. Geisler (ed.), Plant ABC Transporters, Signaling and Communication in Plants 22, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-06511-3_2, © Springer International Publishing Switzerland
Campion B, Glahn R, Tava A, Perrone D, Doria E, Sparvoli F, Cecotti R, Dani V, Nielsen E (2012) Genetic reduction of antinutrients in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) seed, increases nutrients and in vitro iron bioavailability without depressing main agronomic traits. Field Crops Research 141:27-37 DOI: 10.1016/j.fcr.2012.10.015
Doria E, Campion B, Sparvoli F, Tava A, Nielsen E (2012) Anti-Nutrient Components and Metabolites with Health Implications in Seeds of 10 Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L. and Phaseolus lunatus L.) Landraces Cultivated in Southern Italy. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 26 (1-2): 72-80
Blair MW, Herrera AL, Sandoval TA, Caldas GV, Fileppi M, Sparvoli F (2012) Inheritance of Seed Phytate and Phosphorus Levels in Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) and Association with Newly-Mapped Candidate Genes. Molecular Breeding 30 (3): 1265-1277
Panzeri D., Cassani E., Doria E., Tagliabue G., Forti L., Campion B., Bollini R., Brearley C.A., Pilu R., Nielsen E., Sparvoli F (2011) A defective ABC transporter of the MRP family, responsible for the bean lpa1 mutation, affects the regulation of the phytic acid pathway, reduces seed myo-inositol and alters ABA sensitivity. New Phytol 191:70-83
Fileppi M., Galasso I., Tagliabue G., Daminati M.G., Campion B., Doria E., Sparvoli F. (2010) Characterisation of structural genes involved in phytic acid biosynthesis in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). Molec Breed 25:453-470.
BiomaterialeCommon bean lpa1 (low phytic acid) mutant, showing 90% reduction in the seed content of phytic acid and increased iron bioavailability.
Common bean lines and pre-breeding lines with different sets of storage proteins (lectin, alphaamylase inhibitor, phaseolin) for different applications: starch blockers, alternative protein sources for livestock feeding, development of new functional foods (backery products, snacks, etc).
Nucleotide and protein sequences of common bean enzymes/transporters involved in phytic acid biosynthesis and transport
Nucleotide and protein sequences of common bean genes storage proteins (lectin components, phaseolin)
BrevettiSparvoli F., Bollini R. (2004) "Estratto purificato di inibitore dell'alfa-amilasi da fagioli essenzialmente privi di fitoemagglutinina, procedimento di estrazione e composizioni che lo contengono" n° ITMI20040619 (A1), CNR patent, registered June 30,2004.
ProgettiFILAGRO project “Strategie innovative e sostenibili per la filiera agroalimentare”, Regione Lombardia, 2013-2015
CNR-CONACYT bilateral agreement “Response and adaptation to drought in common bean during symbiotic nitrogen fixation: exploring new mutants for better seed quality and sustainable crop production”, 2012-2014
CERES-NewPearl project “Combining new phenotyping approaches and next generation sequencing to accelerate breeding in pearl millet, an orphan cereal from arid regions”, Fondazione Cariplo and Fondation Agropolis, 2014-2016
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